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[edit] Current promotions

For those who want particular highlights on a regular basis, this is for you! If you want to organise a promotion yourself, click here to find out how!

Name Starting Ending Frequency Run by
Twinsanity Tips & Tricks 7 January 2012 31 March 2012 Every 3 Days EpicWikipedian
UnBandipedia 14 February 2012 Indefinite Continuous BandiCooper
Tag Team Racing Tips & Tricks 3 March 2012 30 April 2012 Every Day EpicWikipedian
Glitchworld 17 March 2012 11 April 2012 Every 5 Days EpicWikipedian
Hidden Item Oddities 23 March 2012 2 April 2012 Every Day Googlydoe
Random Rubbish 1 April 2012 Indefinite Continuous EpicWikipedian
Excellent Easter Eggs 8 April 2012 8 April 2012 N/A EpicWikipedian

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