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As we haven't really created any introductory message like this for 4 days, we'd thought we'll give you it. So anyways, first and most importantly, this wiki is not for vandalising. There are other sites you can make unconstructive edits at, such as Uncyclopedia. This helps make the best attempt at making a news service for Crash Bandicoot as we can. After all, if you already are a vandaliser, then why not turn round and start making constructive edits? Find more about our policy at this page.

Moving onto the less important stuff, you should also realise that this wiki is not just about work; its also about fun. We do plenty of things here to make sure you're editing for a reason, and if you need any help, you can try asking our fantastic administrators (currently EpicWikipedian and Crashfreak99, subject to change periodically). In fact, we're planning to implement even more fun features, such as being able to "subscribe" to highlights and a "Live Bandipedia Highlights" portal. Also, if you haven't created an account yet, then consider making one; you get to create blog posts, make a user page for yourself, move pages and even avoid the captcha procedure for inserting external links after a while (usually after just 4 days and 10 edits). So, anyways, enjoy yourself here!

This story was posted on 17 November 2011.