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Sorry, guys, but something terrible has happened. This means that Bandipedia Highlights may have some things changed in order to continue operating. The bad thing is that Crashfreak99 vandalised EpicWikipedian's administrative and bureaucratic rights on the main Bandipedia, and they formed part of the critical things in Bandipedia Highlights such as the Bandipedia Highlights section on the main Bandipedia. Not only that, but EpicWikipedian's rights were removed unexpectedly and without warning. Some things may have to be changed in order for Bandipedia Highlights to continue operating.

On 15 February 2012, while EpicWikipedian was trying to solve an argument with The Magnum Master and Klock101, his privileges were removed unexpectedly and without warning by Crashfreak99. His privileges were briefly restored to allow him to lower the protection level of his user page and replace it with a goodbye message, but his privileges were revoked yet again after he was given the time to do that.

While EpicWikipedian admits that he was over-reacting, he does still think that it was not justified and that he should have been given a warning first as he made many other constructive edits and also gave The Magnum Master two warnings before desysopping him. Crashfreak99 was originally blocked from Bandipedia Highlights, although this was later reverted with an apology by EpicWikipedian, however, Bandipedia Highlights is still no longer friends with the main Bandipedia.

EpicWikipedian has now left the main Bandipedia and took control of Twinsanity Tips & Tricks, and due to the ridiculous amount of criticism he's getting right now, may consider leaving Wikia altogether and/or renaming Bandipedia Highlights to something else without the "Bandipedia" branding. If EpicWikipedian decides to rename Bandipedia Highlights, he will set up a poll on Bandipedia Highlights allowing people to vote on which name it will be called in the future. Any new bureaucrats on Bandipedia Highlights will definitely not be Crashfreak99, The Magnum Master or Klock101.

Due to high risk of vandalism from Crashfreak99 and particularly The Magnum Master and Klock101 from this page, this highlight has been locked from editing by non-admins; if you would like a change made to this highlight, please leave a comment on this story.

This story was posted on 16 February 2012.

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