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Administrators are highly trusted users. They have a range of extra abilities which normal users can't do. A regular admin is called a "sysop", and an enhanced admin that takes control of the site is called a "bureaucrat". If you want to be an admin, you can request so here.

List of extra abilitiesEdit

Generally, at first, administrators are granted the "moderator" privilege first before they are granted adminship; users with the "moderator" privilege have following abilities:

  • "Rollback": Can be used to remove two or more edits made to a page at once.
  • "Sticky": Can be used to move a discussion thread to the top of the forum index.
  • Banning and unbanning users from chat.
  • Editing blog and article comments.

As well as all of the abilities above, administrators also have the following abilities:

  • Deleting and restoring pages.
  • Locking pages so only other administrators can edit them.
  • Blocking IP addresses and users.
  • Changing the skin and interface of the wiki.

In addition, bureaucrats also have the ability to grant and revoke user rights, as well as to check what users have edited using a particular IP address.

List of administratorsEdit

Any name in bold indicates that the user is also a bureaucrat. If a name is marked with an asterisk (*) next to it, the user is an automated tool and won't respond to messages when asked.