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As the site has grown into more than just a handful of pages with over 130 articles, we believe it is now appropriate to create a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) so that EpicWikipedian's message wall will not overload with the same questions asked over and over again.

  • Q: I've got some news.
    • A: If it is related to Crash Bandicoot or anything affiliated with him, feel free to put it on this site! Just make an article about it, then add "Highlights" to it as a category. The rest is pretty complicated, so let EpicWikipedian do the rest unless if you're really good at templates.
  • Q: How do I make a promotion?
    • A: Just make an article here, then add "Promotions" and "Current promotions" to it as categories. The "Current promotions" category will be removed from the relevant article once the promotion has ended. Remember to mention what the promotion is, when it will start and end, and who it will be run by; this information is really important! Again, like the answer to the question above, EpicWikipedian will do the rest as it is pretty complicated.
  • Q: Can my site become an affiliate of Crashix?
    • A: Please contact EpicWikipedian about this first. Also, your site should have at least a few pages, should link back to Crashix, and should not have any inappropriate content. Alternatively, you can choose for your site to become a part of Crashix, although this is more complicated, and a few necessary changes will need to be done on your site first.
  • Q: I have a question which is not answered here.

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