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Now that we've got over 40 high-quality articles, we should set ourselves some goals to help us go even further! Here is the goals that we are aiming to reach in the near future (please note that articles and images in UnBandipedia count as UnBandipedia is officially part of Crashix):


  1. 50 articles
  2. 100 articles
  3. 200 articles (this is enough to qualify for Wikia Spotlight)
  4. 500 articles
  5. 1,000 articles
  6. 1,500 articles
  7. 2,500 articles
  8. 5,000 articles
  9. 10,000 articles


  1. 50 images
  2. 75 images
  3. 150 images
  4. 250 images
  5. 500 images
  6. 1,000 images
  7. 1,500 images
  8. 2,500 images
  9. 5,000 images

Once we've reached a target, we will cross out the goal but keep it on the list of goals. If you think that a goal has already been met, but it has not been crossed out, please leave a comment on this article.

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