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The poll queue is a brand new feature on this wiki which will first come into effect on 3 March 2012, although most of it's features will not come into effect until 8 March 2012. After 3 March 2012, this page will also serve as an area where users can vote for polls in the feature.

What is the poll queue?Edit

With this feature, we plan to increase the amount of control that non-admins have over the site, as well as to give people who like to spoil themselves more advance notice on what the poll's questions are going to be in the next few weeks. This feature is very similar to the ability to vote for what the next poll will be on other wikis on Wikia, but in order to make sure that we aren't totally copying them, we had to make a few changes, of course! More information on this in the section below.

How will the poll queue work?Edit

This feature is planned to start on 3 March 2012 and will run for every 4 weeks after that in 7-day bursts. After the 7-day burst, the favourite polls chosen from the feature will start first, with less-favourite polls coming later and the least-favourite poll being dropped from the selection. It works similar to the regular polls, with 5 answers.

If there is a tie between some or all of the polls, the schedule will be chosen at random in the parts where there is a tie. Once the feature has chosen the polls for the next 4 weeks, it will take effect and the result will be archived.

After 8 March 2012, the feature will fully take effect and the poll of the week will begin to depend on the feature. Also, the schedule feature will become available, and provide up to 28 days of advance notice for what the poll of the week will be. Of course, we are not going to put this right in your face as the majority of you will want a completely random poll each week, but it will be in a dedicated page for those of you who like to spoil yourself.

Vote hereEdit

Which of these polls do you want the most?

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