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After 11 days of the site being active, I am glad to say that Bandipedia Highlights can now be accessed through Bandifanon. And here is the first highlight that you guys at Bandifanon will see! I'm planning to implement Bandipedia Highlights on the main Bandipedia network as well on December 1 2011, replacing the poll section. Also, on November 28 2011, the first people will be able to "subscribe" to both the main highlights and promotions through both Bandipedia Highlights and Bandifanon, plus I am planning to do this to the main Bandipedia network on December 1 2011.

To give Live Bandipedia Highlights a kick-start, I've decided that it will become available on January 1 2012, replacing the Christmas Countdown promotion. Anyways, to all of you, well done for the hard work and bothering to do it!