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Note: This is not a highlight, more just like a community page.

Back in November 2011, when Crashix was a tiny project with no more than 20 pages, EpicWikipedian was very interested in the project and spent a lot of his time on it. However, with the late January "technical downgrade" that Wikia released which broke Crashix's navigation badly, and more recently, the huge argument, EpicWikipedian has lost his interest in this project. And, as he is now working on other wikis, he is also unable to return to this wiki as regularly as this wiki deserves.

As all other administrators on this site have also became inactive, the wiki has now been put on hiatus. If you are interested in becoming an administrator here, contact EpicWikipedian. Please note that you should have at least 10 edits on this wiki before you become an administrator, and certain people are excluded from being able to become an administrator here, either for a very long time or permanently, due to the huge argument (they will not be mentioned here but if you want to know who they are, just contact EpicWikipedian).

Thanks for listening.

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