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Hello, guys, once again. Unfortunately, it has come to that time where EpicWikipedian has simply given up with this wiki. He is now working on other wikis, and all users have became very inactive on this wiki, if editing at all. Crashix may be at risk of closure at this rate, if we do not act fast. It's a shame that such a bright Crash Bandicoot fansite has to go through this, but EpicWikipedian is not willing to put in such a large amount of effort into an abandoned wiki.

The vast majority of promotions have already halted operations on Crashix. If you want to save Crashix from closure, try to be more active here, even if only a little bit, and get your friends to edit here if they like Crash Bandicoot too. Should you like to become an administrator here, contact EpicWikipedian, although certain people are excluded due to the huge argument. Thanks for listening.

This story was posted on 12 March 2012.