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Soon, another change will also happen on Crashix. This will involve renaming the forums of Crashix to "Crashibabble", and a new forum being introduced, under the name of "proposals forum". The purpose of this change is to be able to give a unique identity to our forums, as well as to help run an upcoming forum discussion which is planned to open very soon.

Please note that this change will not be controlled by Wikia Staff, unlike most changes to Crashix; instead, it will be controlled by EpicWikipedian. The first phase of this change occurred on 2 April 2012 which renamed our forums to Crashix to "Crashibabble", and gave a unique logo to it (only visible on the Monobook skin). The second and final phase of this change will occur on 3 April 2012, which will introduce the "proposals forum". If you have any questions or concerns about this change, feel free to contact EpicWikipedian on the matter. Thanks!

This story was posted on 2 April 2012.