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Bandipedia Highlights will be named "Crashix" (we think the poll has made it very clear now that 75% of our readers want us to be called that name in the future). We would like to say that we have now reached 85 unique articles, including the 16 articles in UnBandipedia, with this highlight (even without UnBandipedia, we still have 69 unique articles). Just 131 more to go, and we'll qualify for Wikia Spotlight!

Well, you can still safely assume that EpicWikipedian isn't happy about what Crashfreak99 did to him 11 days ago, but at least we've got somewhere. Just to give you another reminder, on 1 March 2012, the "Bandipedia Highlights" name will officially be discontinued for this wiki and we'll switch to the name that was decided by the poll. So, anyways, we're really happy to have some good news, and we hope that you are, too!

This story was posted on 26 February 2012.