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Tag Team Racing Tips & Tricks

This image proudly replaces the standard Crashix logo on all pages relating to Tag Team Racing Tips & Tricks.

Hello, once again, guys! Crashix has got more to announce. Firstly, unfortunately, Wikia Staff still hasn't removed the "bandipediahighlights" part of the URL from this site, but hopefully, this should happen some time soon.

Now, we can get to the more interesting stuff! The Monobook skin of Crashix (all registered users can access this by hovering over their user name at the top of each page and selecting "My preferences" then changing the relevant option) now has a new feature; some pages now have their very own logo to replace the standard Crashix logo! So far, only the pages of Tag Team Racing Tips & Tricks have a unique logo, but this should grow over time.

Finally, if you haven't already, please click here and vote on which Komodo brother you like the most, as we are running a special Komodo Joe vs. Komodo Moe promotion right now and we would like more viewers to participate. Thanks for listening!

This story was posted on 3 March 2012.