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Just to let you know, we will be fixing a few things around Crashix on 3 April 2012. We're posting this on 2 April 2012 to give you an advance notice. Not much will happen around Crashix other than the changes that we have already mentioned, although we will also be making the forum (Crashibabble as it is now called) more usable in the Monobook and Vector skins of Crashix. Currently, it can be used, but the index of Crashibabble looks pretty bad in the Monobook skin and even worse in the Vector skin so we will be working on fixing that on 3 April 2012.

Also, we are introducing an insignificant feature, Admin Corner, which works similarly to the messages that we already send out to all users of Crashix, but will only be visible to our administrators. The extra Admin Corner messages will appear on all messages towards the bottom for all users who have administrative rights on Crashix (namely, EpicWikipedian and Googlydoe). If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, feel free to contact EpicWikipedian on the matter. Thanks!

This story was posted on 2 April 2012.