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As we said a few days ago, EpicWikipedian, the founder and primary contributor here, is no longer active. However, he has found just enough time to bring something cool to you on the day before Crashix's 4 month anniversary! And what could that be? You can now have the Wikipedia-style (Vector) skin on Crashix! (the skin cannot be selected in your preferences even if you are a registered user although you can access it manually by adding ?useskin=uncyclopedia onto the end of the URL of any page)

We think that this should help encourage more users to contribute to Crashix, as this gives them more control over how they view the site. Don't worry, though, as existing users can still access the Wikia and Monobook skins too! Check the gallery below for a comparison between the Monobook and the Vector skin.

This story was posted on 10 March 2012.

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