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With 4 days passed since the creation of this wiki, I am glad to announce that there is now a "Current promotions" section in the main page. This feature allows for particular types of highlights to come on a regular basis. Also, I've introduced a "The friends of Bandipedia Highlights" section; similarly to what they have at the main Bandipedia network. This shows related wikis you may also want to try out. Believe it or not, I've got even more great ideas I can't wait to set up but just don't have the resources to do yet.

Some of the things that I am planning to set up in the near future (probably before 2012):

  • A section in the main Bandipedia's and Bandifanon's main page that shows content from Bandipedia Highlights.
  • The ability to "subscribe" to the main highlights and promotions; this would work by users adding their usernames, or, if they are anomymous, their IP addresses, to a designated page; they would get a summary of the content posted to their talk page with a link to the full story.
  • Live Bandipedia Highlights; there would be a portal from YouTube on the main page which contains a live announcer on-screen reading out the main highlights on a regular basis (maybe once a week).

Of course, your suggestions always help; if you would like to add anything to Bandipedia Highlights feel free to leave a comment on the talk page.

This story was posted on 15 November 2011.