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Tag Team Racing Tips & Tricks

It's here!

Think that Twinsanity Tips & Tricks wasn't enough? Well, with this promotion, you won't get stuck on Crash Tag Team Racing either! Storm right into first place and find all the crystals there are! Tune in from 1 March 2012 until 30 April 2012! Brought to you by EpicWikipedian!

Sorry if it seems like everything keeps getting delayed at Crashix, but this promotion has now been delayed to start at 3 March 2012 as there is not a lot of time available right now. We apologise that we have had to make this difficult decision, but we've had to make it or it could cause other problems.

Because EpicWikipedian does not have much time on Crashix right now, updates after the tutorial have been delayed until at least 9 March 2012. We apologise about this.

On-foot levelsEdit

Racing levelsEdit

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