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Hello, guys, on another nice day. However, since Wikia have performed a terrible rebranding on all wikis (not just Crashix) and we want to take it out on Wikia, we are going to take it out on Wikia. How will we do that, though?

  • Firstly, and as you probably already know, we are considering the option of Crashix moving away from Wikia.
  • Also, just to add the cherry on the cake (as the old saying goes), we will be releasing a new text game in The Arcade which involves Crash Bandicoot and his friends shooting down the new Wikia logo with his Fruit Bazooka, while trying to save the old Wikia logo.

Please contact EpicWikipedian if you have any questions or concerns about how we're going to take action on this terrible change that Wikia put on all wikis including Crashix. Thanks!

This story was posted on 6 April 2012.