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High Sea Hi Jinks

Welcome back to Twinsanity Tips & Tricks! This time, we're going to help you with the first part of High Sea Hi Jinks, up until the part where you fight Doctor N. Gin.

Basic informationEdit

The level will start after Crash and Cortex, as a snowball, crashes onto Cortex's house. After a short cutscene, you will be required to travel through a short path, until you arrive at a factory. Walk further into it, smash the collection of crates in front of you, and the nitro crates will explode, allowing you to proceed through the level.

Then, you will be required to proceed through a series of platforms with rhinos swinging above them. Try to avoid the rhinos, while proceeding through the level, and you will eventually arrive at another short cutscene. After this, you will then have to travel through another series of platforms, then, you will be required to climb up some stairs while dodging barrels thrown by an unknown rhino.

Spin the rhino once you're at the top of the stairs, then, jump on the top of the rockets to get yourself over to the next platform. The rest should be easy, given that a lot of things have already been explained in previous guys, but there will be rats which need to be spinned in order for them to be defeated as well as rockets along the way which will need to be dodged.

Towards the end of the level, there will be an elevator which will take you to where you fight Doctor N. Gin. Get onto it, and it will take you up, then walk through the door and get onto the next platform which will get you over to the circular arena. We will cover the rest of the game in other guides.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Near the start of the level, you will have to walk on thin ice. Be careful, as it is hard to accelerate your movement on this.