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Slip Slide Icecapades

In this run of Twinsanity Tips & Tricks, we'll be helping you out with Slip Slide Icecapades. This level shares a lot of similarities with Cavern Catastrophe, so we're going to make this article short and simple for you to understand. Tomorrow, we're going to be filling up the gap until the Dr. Brio & Tropy boss fight.

Basic informationEdit

After defeating the Uka Uka boss fight, you will be required to travel through a short path, then fight the ants. The ants that you need to fight are exactly the same as in Cavern Catastrophe, so we're not going to bother telling you about them again. After this, follow Cortex, and you will be required to travel through another short path, until you arrive at a circular room with Cortex looking at the scenery ahead. Walk towards him, and after a short cutscene, the level will start.

Once the level starts, simply tilt the analog stick left/right to steer where they go, and press the X/A button (depending on which console you are playing the game on) to jump. It is pretty much the same thing as Cavern Catastrophe, but you are constantly going straight forward. The gems are in obvious places, especially given that you are constantly going straight forward, so we're not going to bother helping you with them.

Then, for the later part of the level, Crash and Cortex will turn into a giant snowball. This is even more similar to the Cavern Catastrophe level. After completing this part of the level, Crash and Cortex will crash into Dingodile's house and you will then be split up from Cortex. We will cover the rest of the game in another article.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Gems are usually found after ramps, or in short tunnels, just to give you an idea of where they are, if you can't find them (you really should be able to, though, as they are easy to find).

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