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Uka Uka

Now, after completing Ice Climb, you will have to fight Uka Uka before proceeding. Uka Uka is the third boss in Crash Twinsanity.

Basic informationEdit

A lot of the boss fight is common sense, really. Uka Uka can create loads of little icicles which create a short trail of hazards for Crash and Cortex before disappearing a few moments later, and throw snowballs as well. However, other parts of this boss fight are not particularly obvious so we'll explain it in the paragraph below.

All Crash has to do to make Uka Uka lose a hitpoint is to throw Cortex next to an open switch (there are three in total, meaning that Uka Uka has three hitpoints), then the button will open and Crash has to jump on the button to make Uka Uka lose a hitpoint. After this, the switch will close and Crash will need to throw Cortex at another open switch for Uka Uka to lose another hitpoints, until Uka Uka is out of hitpoints and the boss is won.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Uka Uka's attacks are delayed at the start when he is on all 3 hitpoints, giving Crash a little more chance to make Uka Uka lose a hitpoint.

Video walkthroughEdit